Monster Catfishing Holiday Location

About our catfishing holiday location

The River Ebro in Spain is the longest river rising from the Atlantic to the south of Santander in the Cantabrian mountains.

It flows about 565 miles along the south foothills of the Pyranees in Northern Spain before entering a large delta which is approximately 100 miles south of Barcelona, into the Mediterranean sea.

Mequinenza is 2.5 hours by car from Barcelona Airport, 1hr 50mins from Reus Airport or 1hr 30mins from Zaragoza, Spain.

Mequinenza (the catfishing capital) is where you will be fishing. The town itself has plenty of bars/cafes/restaurants, cash machines and supermarkets.



About Mequinenza

Mequinenza is small town situated on the border of Aragon and Catalonia. The people of the town are welcoming and generally nice to all fishermen. Mequinenza is considered quite modern compared to its surrounding area. This is because the town was rebuilt when the dam was put in place. Part of the old village lies beneath the river, as when the dam was built the water levels rose and the village was flooded. This makes for great lure and spin fishing along the edges of the sunken town.

There are two well-stocked fishing tackle shops at either end of the town for all your neccessary fishing essentials. Also hire cars are available within the town, if needed.

You will be staying in a modern hotel block, traditional Spanish house or studio apartment depending on the size of your group. We are usually down at the river bank before breakfast would normally be served, so you do not require bed and breakfast. Your breakfast however can be ordered and brought to the bank by your guide (unless stated otherwise), this gives us the best times to have the lines in the water.

During your trip you will be fishing on the mighty River Ebro (joint to the Segre and the River Cinca). With this access, we can hunt down these massive fish that occupy the river system. Depending on previous catches the guide will advise where the best spots will be to fish, at the time, due to knowledge and experience.

In the hotter months, as well as providing cool boxes, if you would like a break from the constant fishing and direct sunlight, there are plenty of places in the town to relax and cool off. Some of these include; the local pool, bars, cafes, mining museum, dam and various other locations.

The views, wildlife and birds of prey, such as the long legged Buzzard, Spanish Eagle, Griffin Vulture and Osprey, around Mequinenza are spectacular, so make sure to pack cameras and binoculars for some top sight-seeing, As well as for taking photos of your monster catches!

Other information
We want you to enjoy your fishing holiday and guided Carp/Cat fishing tour on the River Ebro, Spain. Here are some tips to ensure that your travel arrangements go well:

By airline you can travel to Reus, Barcelona or Zaragoza. Where ever you are based in the UK, your local airport can give you easy access to one of these 3 destinations.

For cheap flights why not visit: or